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All Purpose Adhesive - Multi Purpose Adhesive, Bonding Adhesive


Have a look through our range of all purpose adhesive. In this category we list all of our bonding adhesive that could not be considered specialist. However these adhesives do differ, some are much stronger than others, some like Araldite come in two parts that require mixing together. Some all purpose adhesive is safe for children to use (under supervision) and is great for crafts and hobbies like Copydex or Pritt Stick whereas others are very strong and for serious bonding jobs.

As with the rest of the site, click on a multi purpose adhesive to get a more detailed description of its features, drying time and how it should be applied.

0220015 - precision adhesive
rapid adhesive

0220020 - rapid adhesive
0220041 - rapid adhesive syringe
0220057 - clear adhesive syringe
0670037 - all purpose clear adhesive 20ml
0670257 - glue sticks all purpose pack of 6
0670640 - all purpose clear adhesive large
0670702 - glue sticks all purpose handy size pack of 6
1120020 - copydex adhesive 125ml
1120035 - copydex adhesive 250ml
1120119 - copydex adhesive tube
1870419 - time bond adhesive 250ml
1870424 - time bond adhesive 500ml
3870740 - super glue powerflex 3g
pritt stick 20g

5240015 - pritt stick 20g
rapid spray glue

6860033 - rapid spray glue
7570031 - super pva adhesive 1ltr
7570047 - super pva adhesive 500ml
7570052 - super pva adhesive 250ml
7571103 - repair extreme super glue
7572002 - No More Nails Interior
7572018 - No More Nails Exterior
7572039 - No More Nails Invisible
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