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Special Adhesive - Rear View Mirror Adhesive, Bonding Adhesive


These are special adhesives for special jobs, sometimes where you wouldn't expect an adhesive to be the answer. These adhesives are particularity useful for bonding difficult materials together, either because they do not usually take well to adhesion or because they easily tarnish, or both. In these cases you need a special adhesive.

An especially popular product is the rear view mirror adhesive, this adhesive works primarily because it comes with an activated square mesh which works with the bonding adhesive to create a secure fix onto the glass. We also stock special adhesives for hard and soft plastics, spray glue, Velcro and even glue remover for when you've stuck something that you shouldn’t have.

liquid sole glue

0610051 - liquid sole glue
0670860 - soft plastic adhesive 20ml
0670875 - hard plastic adhesive 20ml
0670880 - fast tak spray 500ml
pink grip 350ml

1800687 - pink grip 350ml
1870010 - adhesive cleaner 250ml
2380125 - heatbond stove rope glue with brush 30ml
gripfill 310ml

3760023 - gripfill 310ml
glass bond

3870054 - glass bond
lock n seal 3ml

3870274 - lock n seal 3ml
3870337 - rear view mirror bonder
glue remover

3870390 - glue remover
5121509 - border adhesive 500g
6550318 - wallpaper adhesive 15 rolls
Stuk ReFix glue

6860390 - Stuk ReFix glue
7571538 - repair express power putty 48g
BANB1180 - Velcro Stick On Black 15 X 3/4
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