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Wood Glue - Wood Glues, Wood Adhesive


There are many ways to fix two or more pieces of wood together, but still one of the strongest, quickest and easiest ways is still wood glue.

We mostly stock EvoStick resin wood glue because of its reliability and incredible strength. In most cases, depending on the wood and the quality of the job, the wood adhesive will be stronger than the wood itself. Sometimes for the strongest join it helps to use wood adhesive in conjunction with other fixings like screws, this results in an incredibly strong join. Take note that we stock two different types of wood glues, one primarily for interior work and the other for exterior work.

1870361 - resin wood adhesive 125ml
1870377 - resin wood adhesive 250ml
1870398 - resin wood adhesive 1ltr
1871014 - weather proof wood adhesive 250ml
1871061 - weather proof wood adhesive 1ltr
1871260 - weather proof wood adhesive 125ml
7571496 - express wood adhesive 225g
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