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Cake Decorating Tools - Cake Decorating Kits, Icing Tools


Browse through our large range of cake decorating tools and icing tools. Our cake decorating tools in this section consist of icing sets, icing nozzles and icing bags, everything you should need to make your cakes and pastries look fantastic. Most of our cake decorating kits come with numerous nozzles so that different looks can be achieved.

All of our cake decorating tools are available for purchase online at great prices and with fast UK courier delivery. To get more detailed information on any of our cake decorating kits simply click on one of the products below, a high resolution image will also be available.

3532584 - Disposable Icing Bags
3535040 - Gingerbread House Kit
Retro Icing Set

7213842 - Retro Icing Set
Cake Pop Scoop

Cake Tester

KCCAKETEST - Cake Tester
KCCL - Kitchen Craft Cake Lifter
Cupcake Doilies

KCCUPDOILPK3 - Cupcake Doilies
KCDFROLL - Fondant Embosser Set
KCDOILMIX - White Paper Doilies
KCDPF8PC - Fondant Icing Stamp Set
KCFCBUT3PC - Butterfly Plunger Cutters
KCFCDAI4PC - Daisy Fondant Cutters
KCFCFLOW4PC - Flower Foundant Plunger Cutters
KCFCHRT3PC - Heart Fondant Plunger Cutters
KCFCLEAF3PC - Leaf Plunger Cutters
Rose Cutters

KCFCROSE4PC - Rose Cutters
KCFCSNOW3PC - Snowflake Plunger Cutters
KCFCSTAR3PC - Star Fondant Plunger Cutter
KCFCSUN3PC - Sunflower Plunger Cutters
KCFCW - Icing Cutting Wheel
Piping Bag

KCFOOD - Piping Bag
Icing Bag 30cm

KCICE12 - Icing Bag 30cm
Icing Bag 38cm

KCICE15 - Icing Bag 38cm
Icing Bag 23cm

KCICE9 - Icing Bag 23cm
KCICEKIT - Biscuit And Icing Set
Icing Nozzle Set

KCICENOZSET - Icing Nozzle Set
Icing Set

KCICESET - Icing Set
KCICING6 - Icing Syringe Set
KCMPKCK - Mini Cranked Pallette Knife
KCPATDOILPK3 - Patterned Paper Doilies
Piping Set

KCPIPING - Piping Set
KCPOPSTKLRG - Cake Pop Sticks Large
KCPOPSTKSML - Cake Pop Sticks Small
KCRCSTAND - Revolving Cake Decorating Stand
KCRPSML - Non Stick Rolling Pin
KCSDIFM09 - Christmas Silicone Fondant Mould
KCSILCDS6PC - Silicone Cake Decorating Kit
MCICINGPRO - Master Class Biscuit And Icing Set
Cake Pop Baller

SDICAKEBALL - Cake Pop Baller
Cupcake Gift Set

SDICC12PC - Cupcake Gift Set
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