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Cooling Rack - Cooling Trays, Cooling Racks


A cooling rack or cake rack allows a cake to cool immediately after being freshly baked, it does this by keeping the cake suspended off the cooking surface and allowing air to circulate around it. This allows the cake to cool naturally. Cooling trays are available in lots of different sizes, we stock two, one of which is suitable for a single cake, the other cooling rack is suitable for a pair of cakes.

Many recipes often state that a cake or tart should be cooled after baking. Cooling racks are an important part of baking cakes because if icing or frosting is applied to a hot or warm cake the frosting will melt and the cake will stick. Cooling racks also have the advantage of doubling-up as trivets and worktop protectors. Our cooling trays both come with a 20 year guarantee and a 5 year non stick guarantee.

7214359 - 3 Tier Cooling Rack
KCMCCAKE26 - mc cooling rack non stick 26cm
KCMCCAKE46 - mc cake cooling rack
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