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Mixing Bowl - Mixingbowl, Mixing Bowls


Choose a mixing bowl from our range below. We stock both the Kitchen Craft Colourworks range of multicoloured mixing bowls and the Mason Cash caneware mixing bowls. The Mason Cash caneware mixing bowl is a modern classic, its heavy enough to not fall over when manually mixing and still light enough for most people to hold under one arm, it's also shallow enough to knead dough effectively.

Both the caneware mixingbowl and the Colourworks mixingbowl feature white innards. This is so that the chef can see the colour and consistency of the mixture at all times against the inside of the bowl. Mixing bowls are not only useful for mixing pastry and doughs but are handy to have aorund the kitchen whenever a large sturdy bowl is required.

4160107 - mixing bowl size 9 caneware
4160128 - mixing bowl size 18 caneware
CWMMBOWL4BLK - mixing bowl black
CWMMBOWL4OR - mixing bowl orange
mixing bowl pink

CWMMBOWL4PNK - mixing bowl pink
mixing bowl purple

CWMMBOWL4PUR - mixing bowl purple
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