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The pastry blender and pastry funnel section is possibly the most specialist section of kitchenware. A pie funnel is a hollow ceramic device for inserting into pies that are used to prevent pie filling from boiling up and leaking through the crust. They achieve this by allowing steam to escape from inside the pie.

They also support the pastry crust in the center of the pie, so that it does not sag or sink in the middle. Traditionally they were in the shape of a bird and are sometimes refereed to as a pie bird as apposed to a pie funnel. We still stock this traditional bird shaped pie funnel. A pastry blender is a single handed device used to mix pastry. Pastry blenders free you from sticky pastry encrusted hands.

KCBB - ceramic pie funnel
pastry blender

KCBLENDERSS - pastry blender
KCCERPIE - ceramic pie funnel
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