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We keep quite a range of pastry cutters. Pastry cutters, also known as biscuit cutters, are usually made from copper, tin, stainless steel, aluminium, or plastic but we also stock silicone cookie cutters. Our silicone cookie cutters have a three dimensional plastic cutter which cuts intricate patterned biscuits, the silicone provides a soft ergonomic grip.

Using pastry cutters it is possible to cut lots of different sized and shaped biscuits and cookies quickly and easily, the biscuits are also all a uniform size. Our pastry cutters come in lots of fun shapes for kids as well and even special occasions like valentines day and classic shapes like the ginger bread man.

KC2678 - metal cookie cutter heart shaped small
KC3432 - metal cookie cutter heart shaped medium
KC3508 - stainless steel cookie cutter medium rabbit
KC7PASTRY - pastry cutter double ended 7 piece
KCCAKEWIRE - Cake Cutting Wire
KCCUTSTCAR - silicone 3d car cookie cutter
KCCUTSTFAIRY - silicone 3d fairy cookie cutter
KCCUTSTPONY - silicone 3d pony cookie cutter
KCCUTSTTRAIN - silicone 3d train cookie cutter
KCLATTROLL - lattice pastry roll
KCLMGINGE - ginger bread cutter 4 piece
KCLMSCDINO - dinosaur sandwich cutter
KCLMSCDOLPH - dolphin sandwich cutter
KCLMSCHEART - heart sandwich cutter
KCPASTRY3 - fluted pastry cutter set
KCPASTRY6SS - double edge pastry cutters
pastry wheel

KCPROPW - pastry wheel
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