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In our range of high-quality brackets, we include many different kinds of brackets, suitable for any job or task that you require. We offer zinc corner braces in various sizes, ranging form 25mm to 100mm making these suitable for any sized shelf or any other situation which requires the joining of two perpendicular materials.

We also stock shelf bearers, made from clear plastic and are kept in packets of four, designed to keep your shelfs up in kitchen and bathroom cabinets. Also in our range we sell various colours of modesty blocks, used for strengthening shelving and other adjacent hinges.

BANB0823 - Modesty blocks white
BANB0824 - Modesty blocks brown
BANB0825 - Shelf supports & studs brassed
BANB0826 - Shelf bearers clear plastic
BANB0827 - Shelf suports braces plastic 50x50mm
BANB0828 - Shelf supports with pins white
BANB1250 - Corner braces zinc 25mm
BANB1251 - Corner braces zinc 40mm
BANB1252 - Corner braces zinc 50mm
BANB1254 - Corner braces zinc 75mm
BANB1255 - Corner braces zinc 100mm
BANB1260 - Mending plates zinc 75mm
BANB1261 - Mending plate zinc 100mm
BANB1264 - Tee plates zinc 75mm
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