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Hinges are types of bearing that connect two objects that allow an angle of rotation, commonly found in doors, cupboards and windows. There are many types of hinges, some are more general purpose while others are fairly specialized. Butt hinges are among the most common and most useful in the home. Usually made from steel or brass but sometimes chrome and stainless steel, butt hinges are mortised in between the door and the door frame. Butt hinges tend to come in packs of two or three.

Flush hinges are a slight variation on a normal hinge in that they are used when you want to conceal every part of the hinge except the barrel, flush hinges are able to open and close into themselves and don't require the door or frame to be cut to allow the hinge to be fitted. Flush hinges are therefore ideal for wardrobes or cabinet doors. We also sell concealed hinges which are great for kitchen cupboards, concealed hinges make use of an arm to join the door and the unit instead of a barrell. 

BANB1000 - Butt hinges light brass 13mm
BANB1001 - Butt hinges light brass 19mm
BANB1002 - Butt hinges drawn brass 25mm
BANB1003 - Butt hinges drawn brass 38mm
BANB1004 - Butt hinges drawn brass 50mm
BANB1005 - Butt hinges drawn brass 63mm
BANB1007Z - Butt hinges zinc 38mm
BANB1014B - Flush hinges electro brassed 40mm
BANB1015B - Flush hinges electro brassed 50mm
BANB1016B - Flush hinges brassed 60mm
BANB1018 - Flush hinges brassed 60mm
BANB1019 - Concealed hinges 26mm
BANB1020 - Concealed hinges 26mm
BANB1021 - Pivot hinges d-cranked brassed 50mm
BANB1022 - Flush hinges cranked brassed 50mm
BANB1026 - Butterfly hinges brassed 54mm
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