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Mirror Plates - Plate Hangers, Plate Holders


Brass mirror plates, sometimes come in steel as well, are used to securely fix mirrors to walls, they are also known as glass plates and are excellent at hanging pictures as well, in fact any heavy flat object can be fixed to a wall with mirror plates as long as you are able to screw into the back of the object being hanged.

Mirror plates work by being attached to the back frame of a mirror or picture and then hung using the keyhole on the top of the plate onto a screw or some other fixing protruding slightly from the wall. The advantage of using mirror plates is that the fixing is tidy, usually completely hidden behind the object and is nearly flush with the wall itself. We also stock plate hangers here too, other wise known as plate holders. Plate hangers are spring loaded with four bent ends that you extend and cling to the back of a decorative plate so that it can be hung for display, our plate hangers come in a variety of sizes to suit most plates.  

3700011 - Plate hanger 13cm
3700027 - Plate Hanger 19cm
3700032 - Plate Hanger 25cm
3700048 - Plate Hanger 36cm
BANB0848 - Glass plates Sloted Brassed 25mm
BANB0853 - Glass plates contersunk electro brassed 31mm
BANB0854 - Glass plates countersunk electro brassed 38mm
BANB0855 - Glass plates countersunk electro brassed 50mm
BANB0859 - Glass plates slotted Brass 50mm
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