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Baking Trays - Baking Tray, Oven Tray


Baking trays are flat rectangular pans for ovens that are often used to bake flat products like cookies, sheet cakes, pastries and bread rolls. Baking trays come in numerous sizes and types the most simple form of baking tray is literally just a sheet of metal but often a handle is added to aid removal of the baking tray. Usually a lip is added to one or all sides so that the food doesn't slip off the tray by mistake.

An oven tray can be made from many materials, we stock non stock pans, hard anodized, vitreous enamel and all of various thicknesses and quality. A general rule of thumb for baking trays is that the heavier the tray the more heavy duty and durable the pan, of course the weight itself should also be a consideration.

- biscuit brownie pan 33x20cm
oven tray

3010231 - oven tray
3010315 - baking sheet 30x30cm
Baking Tray 35cm

KCMCHB23 - Baking Tray 35cm
Baking Tray 40cm

KCMCHB3 - Baking Tray 40cm
Brownie Pan 34cm

KCMCHB32 - Brownie Pan 34cm
mc bake sheet

KCMCHB4 - mc bake sheet
KCMCHB49 - mc heavy duty brownie tin 10
KCMCHB53 - mc portion baking tray 16.5x10cm
KCMCHB54 - mc baking tray 18x24cm
KCNSSHEET - non stick baking sheet
MCCHA1 - Hard Anodised Baking Sheet large
MCCHA3 - Hard Anodised Baking Tray medium
MCCHA4 - Hard Anodised Roasting Pan medium
MCCHA5 - Hard Anodised Roasting Pan large
MCCHA6 - Hard Anodised Baking Tray large
MCVITHB13 - vitreous enamel 9
MCVITHB3 - vitreous enamel baking tray 39cmx27cm
MCVITHB54 - vitreous enamel baking tray 24cmx18cm
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