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Loaf Tin - Bread Tin, Loaf Tins


A loaf tin is the traditional cooking vessel in which to bake bread. Although various cakes can of course also be baked in a loaf tin such as ginger cake or banana bread. The idea being that the resulting shape of the loaf can easily be sliced. Because bread is the most common food stuff baked in these tins they are often referred to as a bread tin.

All of our loaf tins have a non stick coating which is essential as with a loaf tin there is no mechanism to aid removal of the cake or bread once baked, loaf tins are otherwise lined with baking paper. Our Homebake range makes for great value for money while the Masterclass range is of fantastic quality with a 20 year guarantee and a 5 year non stick guarantee.

loaf pan 1lb

3010184 - loaf pan 1lb
loaf pan 2lb

3010190 - loaf pan 2lb
mc loaf tin 2lb

KCMCHB20 - mc loaf tin 2lb
mc loaf tin 1lb

KCMCHB41 - mc loaf tin 1lb
KCMCHB9 - mc non stick loaf pan 9x5
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