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Mini Cake Tins - Small Cake Tins, Tartlet Tins, Mini Tart Tins


These mini cake tins though small in size never the less make up for it with their usefulness and adaptability in the kitchen. Small cake tins are also great for kids to learn the key skills that will make them keen bakers in the future and have some fun in the process.

We sell mini cake tins in various guises, including mini loaf pans, mini cake pans and mini tart tins, practically all the major baked sweets can be produced but on  scaled down size. These mini cake tins can also be used to make great little individual morsels. The same level of quality exists in our range of small cake tins as does in their larger cousins.

KCMCHB43 - mc heavy duty mini tart tray 24 hole
KCMCHB68 - mc mini cake pan 11cm quick release
mini cake tins

KCMINIFAIRY - mini cake tins
KCMINIFLAN - mini tartlet tins
KCMINILOAF - mini loaf tins 8 x 5cm
tart tins 10cm

KCTARTLET - tart tins 10cm
Macaroon Gift Set

SDIMAC7PC - Macaroon Gift Set
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