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Square Cake Tins - Square Baking Tins, Square Cake Tin


Our square cake tins are fridge safe, freezer safe and dishwasher safe, we have various sizes and depths, we also stock both rigid a loose bottomed square baking tins. A loose bottomed baking tin is so called because the base is removable. Our Master Class range of square cake tins comes with a 20 year pan guarantee and a 5 year non stick guarantee and although the non stick is of high quality we would still recommend lightly greasing the tin to ensure easy cake removal.

Aside from our square cake tin collection we also stock a range of round cake tins and various other specialist baking tins. Baking cakes yourself is an immensely creative and rewarding activity and it can also save you money in the long run.

3010116 - cake tin square 20cm
KCMCHB13 - mc bakepan square
KCMCHB26 - mc loose bottom cake tin 8"
KCMCHB35 - mc loose bottom cake tin 9
mc deep cake pan

KCMCHB51 - mc deep cake pan
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