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Knife,Fork,Spoon - Knives, Forks, Spoons


Easily buy a replacement knife,fork or spoon for your cutlery set online with us. We sell individual knives, forks and spoons for two main reasons – firstly because it can be really annoying if you loose a single item or two from a large dinner set and these make excellent replacements. Secondly buying knives, forks or spoons separately is a really cost effective way to increase your place settings slightly without having to buy another entire cutlery set.

This is why you will find that our knife, fork and spoon collection compliments our cutlery sets. All are made by either Stellar or Judge and include the Windsor, Rochester and Chichester range. All of these knives, forks and spoons are made of high quality hand forged 18/10 stainless steel and are dishwasher safe.

BF01 - Windsor table knife
BF03 - Windsor table fork
BF04 - Windsor table spoon
BF05 - Windsor dessert knife
BF07 - Windsor dessert fork
BF08 - Windsor dessert spoon
BF09 - Windsor tea spoon
BF10 - Windsor soup spoon
BL01 - Rochester table knife polished
BL03 - Rochester table fork polished
BL04 - Rochester table spoon polished
BL05 - Rochester dessert knife polished
BL07 - Rochester dessert fork polished
BL08 - Rochester dessert spoon polished
BL09 - Rochester tea spoon polished
BL10 - Rochester soup spoon polished
BL19 - Rochester ice cream spoon polished
BM01 - Rochester table knife matt
BM03 - Rochester table fork matt
BM04 - Rochester table spoon matt
BM05 - Rochester dessert knife matt
BM07 - Rochester dessert fork matt
BM08 - Rochester dessert spoon matt
BM09 - Rochester tea spoon matt
BM10 - Rochester soup spoon matt
BM19 - Rochester ice cream spoon matt
BQ01 - Chichester table knife
BQ03 - Chichester table fork
BQ04 - Chichester table spoon
BQ05 - Chichester dessert knife
BQ07 - Chichester dessert fork
BQ08 - Chichester dessert spoon
BQ09 - Chichester tea spoon
BQ10 - Chichester soup spoon
KCCUTLERY - chrome plated cutlery tray
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