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Filler - Fillers, Decorating Filler


We quite quite a broad range of fillers. We stock the big brands - Polycell, Tetrion and Ronseal filler are all available here. Click on a product image to see more detailed information on the fillers listed.  We have both multi purpose and wood filler, we also stock wall grout here.

Multi purpose decorating filler is very versatile and cane be used to fill a number of different types and size of hole or crack, but sometimes a more specialist decorating filler is required like for example when a very large hole needs to be filled an expanding foam filler is often the best option as multi purpose filler is very soft before curing. For sealing holes in wood a wood filler is required, this cures hard but also remains flexible so that it will bend and stretch along with the wood itself.

3600025 - fire cement 1kg tub
5120490 - fine surface polyfilla 500g
5120531 - multi purpose polyfilla 1kg
5121378 - woodflex polyfilla 300ml
5121561 - expanding foam polyfilla 500ml
5121577 - woodflex polyfilla 330g tube
5121582 - expanding foam polyfilla 300ml
5121598 - fine surface polyfilla 400g
5122298 - multi purpose polyfilla 400g
5122303 - 365g quick drying polyfilla
6880416 - wood filler natural 275g
6880421 - wood filler natural 550g
6882628 - wood filler natural 250g
6882633 - wood filler light 250g
6882649 - wood filler medium 250g
6882654 - wood filler dark 250g
6883239 - wood filler white 250g
7390012 - multi purpose filler 600g
7390033 - multi purpose filler 1kg
7390049 - multi purpose filler tube
7390060 - multi purpose filler 500g
7571386 - anti mould grout ice white 1ltr
7571517 - anti mould powder grout 500g
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