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Sealant - Silicone Sealant, Silicone Sealant Remover


Take a look at our extensive range of sealant. There are lots of different kinds of sealant so it is important that the right one is used for the job. Silicone sealant bonds well to most materials and most importantly remains very flexible once cured. Silicone sealant is important as it keeps water from seeping in-between fixtures, bathroom sealant also has anti fungicidal properties to keep it from getting moldy in the wet humid conditions of a bathroom.

We also sell sealant guns for the application of sealant in cartridge form. This is often the quickest and most accurate way to apply sealant. If however you do make a mistake or you are simply removing old sealant then we stock a silicone sealant remover.

1000572 - ct1 sealant and adhesive white 200ml
1800053 - glazing silicone 310ml
1800137 - general purpose silicone white
1800205 - weathermate sealant 310ml
1800671 - 310ml sealant gun
1800692 - 400ml sealant gun
5121650 - sealant strip 41mm
5121933 - sealant remover 100ml
7571323 - anti mould sealant white
7571365 - anti mould sealant white piston
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