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Car Care - Car Care Products, Car Products


Welcome to the car care section where we have a small range of car care products. Aside from people's homes a car is often the most valuable item we own, so it makes sense to look after it.

These car products are mostly for small bodywork repair like Isopon 2 part resin and hardener and our fiber glass kits that contain everything you need to make fiber glass repairs. We also sell other car products like plastic petrol cans and cleaning products like screen wash, car shampoo and interior cleaner. We also sell chamois leathers which are essential in getting a smear free clean especially on your car's windows.

Screen Wash

0330884 - Screen Wash
1472691 - Single Barrell Foot Pump
1660606 - car glass & interior clean 500ml
3040010 - car body repair paste tube kit small
3040025 - car body repair paste tube kit large
3040030 - car body repair paste kit small 250ml
3040109 - fibre glass kit small
3040114 - fibre glass kit large
Aluminium Mesh

3040203 - Aluminium Mesh
3410176 - pva synthetic chamois
7391079 - 5ltr petrol can red
7391084 - 5ltr petrol can green
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