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HSS Drill Bits - High Speed Drill Bit, HSS Drill Bit


HSS drill bits are metric jobber drills that are ideal for DIY and professional use in both hand and power drills. Their robust design results in less breakage, easier hole start and improved penetration.

The Faithfull range of HSS drill bits that we stock come packed in convenient re-usable plastic pouches which is especially useful when storing a very small high speed drill bit. A HSS drill bit is perfect for drilling steel, Iron and most metals but can also be used for timber and plastic as it is considered a good all round drill bit. The word jobber simply refers to the length of the flutes as being between nine and fourteen times the diameter of the drill, depending on the drill size.

Chuck Key 8/10mm

BDX66340 - Chuck Key 8/10mm
Chuck Key 13mm

BDX66341 - Chuck Key 13mm
FAICS12 - Carbon Countersink 13mm
FAICS58 - Carbon Countersink 16mm
FAIPP100 - hss jobber drill bits (3) 1.00mm
FAIPP1000 - hss jobber drill bit 10.00mm
FAIPP1100 - hss jobber drill bit 11.00mm
FAIPP1200 - hss jobber drill bit 12.00mm
FAIPP1300 - hss jobber drill bit 13.00mm
FAIPP150 - hss jobber drills (3) 1.50mm
FAIPP200 - hss jobber drills (3) 2.00mm
FAIPP250 - hss jobber drills (2) 2.50mm
FAIPP300 - hss jobber drills (2) 3.00mm
FAIPP350 - hss jobber drills (2) 3.50mm
FAIPP400 - hss jobber drills (2) 4.00mm
FAIPP450 - hss jobber drills (2) 4.50mm
FAIPP500 - hss jobber drills (2) 5.00mm
FAIPP550 - hss jobber drills (2) 5.50mm
FAIPP600 - hss jobber drills (2) 6.00mm
FAIPP650 - hss jobber drill 6.50mm
FAIPP700 - hss jobber drill 7.00mm
FAIPP750 - hss jobber drill 7.50mm
FAIPP800 - hss jobber drill 8.00mm
FAIPP850 - hss jobber drill 8.50mm
FAIPP900 - hss jobber drill 9.00mm
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