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Masonry Drill Bit - Masonry Drill Bits, Concrete Drill Bits


Take a look through our selection of masonry drill bits. A masonry drill bit is used primarily to drill through hard durable materials such as concrete, brick and stone. This is why they are sometimes referred to as concrete drill bits. It is recommended that when using masonry drill bits that you use  and electric drill with a hammer setting.

A masonry drill bit is often coated at the tip with a particularly hard compound usually a type of carbide (a compound composed of carbon), our Faithfull masonry drill bits are coated in Tungston Carbide which gives them excellent durability as Tungsten Carbide is approximately three times stiffer than steel.

FAIS11150 - masonry drill bit 11mm x 150mm
FAIS12150 - masonry drill bit 12mm x 150mm
FAIS13150 - masonry drill bit 13mm x 150mm
FAIS14150 - masonry drill bit 14mm x 150mm
FAIS15150 - masonry drill bit 15mm x 150mm
FAIS475 - masonry drill bit 4mm x 75mm
FAIS585 - masonry drill bit 5mm x 85mm
FAIS6100 - masonry drill bit 6mm x 100mm
FAIS7100 - masonry drill bit 7mm x 100mm
FAIS8120 - masonry drill bit 8mm x 120mm
RAW32144 - 22x150mm Masonry Impactor
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