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Wood Drill Bit - Flat Bit, Wood Drill Bits


Our Faithfull branded wood drill bits are ideal for boring into all kinds of timber, softwood or hardwood and our flat bit range is available in many different sizes. A wood drill bit has a centering point and two cutters, our range come with two spurs to ensure a cleaner cut hole.

A wood drill bit should be used at high speed in an electric drill. Our wood drill bits are forged from one piece of high carbon steel and have precision ground point and cutting edges. The cutting edge on a flat bit can be resharpened to ensure that timber is always cut cleanly and quickly, they also feature a quick release hex shank.

DEWDT4602QZ - Wood Auger Drillbit 8mm
flatbit 10mm

FAIFB10 - flatbit 10mm
flatbit 13mm

FAIFB13 - flatbit 13mm
flatbit 16mm

FAIFB16 - flatbit 16mm
flatbit 18mm

FAIFB18 - flatbit 18mm
flatbit 19mm

FAIFB19 - flatbit 19mm
flatbit 22mm

FAIFB22 - flatbit 22mm
flatbit 25mm

FAIFB25 - flatbit 25mm
flatbit 28mm

FAIFB28 - flatbit 28mm
flatbit 32mm

FAIFB32 - flatbit 32mm
flatbit 35mm

FAIFB35 - flatbit 35mm
flatbit 38mm

FAIFB38 - flatbit 38mm
flatbit 6mm

FAIFB6 - flatbit 6mm
flatbit 8mm

FAIFB8 - flatbit 8mm
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