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Electrical Fittings - Electric Fittings, Electrical Fitting


Our range of electrical fittings will ensure that whatever requirement you have for your electrical devices, we can provide the part you need. Our stock includes products like; cable ties, cable clips, a wide array of replacement electrical sockets, alligator clips, and even a mini digital satellite system.

Also included in our range are electrical socket screws, specifically designed to allow you, or an electrical, to install plug sockets quickly, easily and safely. We also stock a wide range of adaptors, meaning that if you wish to go abroad, we will most likely sell an adaptor, allowing you to use your electrical devices abroad.

1390310 - euro adaptor twin socket
Cable Clips

5710257 - Cable Clips
BANB0283 - plastic electric light pull
BANB0603 - electrical socket screws 5x25mm
BANB0605 - electrical socket screws 3.5x50mm
FLT3445 - Universal Cooker Hood Filter
AAA Batteries

PANR03R - AAA Batteries
C Batteries

PANR14R - C Batteries
AA Batteries

PANR6R - AA Batteries
TM260260 - Cable Ties 150mm x 2.5mm
TM260270 - Cable Ties 150mm x 2.5mm
TM260280 - Cable Ties 200mm x 4.8mm
TM260290 - Cable Ties 200mm x 4.8mm
TM260300 - Cable Ties 250mm x 4.8mm
TM260310 - Cable Ties 250mm x 4.8mm
TM260320 - Cable Ties 300mm x 4.8mm
TM260330 - Cable Ties 300mm x 4.8mm
TM260340 - Cable Ties 380mm x 4.8mm
TM260350 - Cable Ties 380mm x 48mm
WEL0146 - 1 gang lightswitch
Switched Socket

WEL1025 - Switched Socket
WEL1037 - twin switched socket 13a
WEL1087 - fused spur conection unit 13a
WEL5184 - cooker cable outlet
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