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Fire Safety - Fire Safety Equipment, Fire Safety Products


Obviously it's best to give your home the best protection possible from both potential fires and carbon monoxide. That's why we stock a range of fire safety products.

Fire safety means having both the alarms to warn you that there is a potential fire and also a means to fight smaller fires that if left would pose a significant danger. The most essential piece of fire safety equipment in any home should be the fire alarm, we stock a basic alarm and also an alarm with a built in escape light. Although fire safety is very important the dangers of carbon monoxide should not be ignored, we stock both dedicated carbon monoxide alarms and combined alarms.

1970431 - dual smoke and carbon monoxide alarm
1970447 - carbon monoxide alarm
1970468 - tundra kitchen fire extinguisher
smoke alarm

1970489 - smoke alarm
1970494 - smoke alarm with escape light
1990050 - ST-620X5 Fast Reacting Smoke Alarm
1990086 - Carbon Monoxide Alarm
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