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Nails and pins are small sharp fastenings used in woodworking and general construction both professionally and around the home and garden. DIY nails used to be made out of iron but today they are usually made from steel often dipped in substances to resist corrosion and rust. Nails and pins are often made from low carbon steel but masonry nails are harder and have a higher carbon content.

Nails and pins are inserted into wood and other material by shear force either with a hammer or with a nail gun. Nails work by friction and shear strength to keep two or more objects together. Pin nails are essentially nails that are particularly narrow and tend to have incredibly small heads.

BANB0695 - hammer drive fixings M5x50mm
BANB0697 - hammer drive fixings M6x80mm
BANB0699 - hammer drive fixings M8x80mm
BANB0700 - hammer drive fixings M8x100mm
BANB0702 - hammer drive fixings M8x135mm
BANB0766 - Upholstery Nails Daisy Head
Panel Pins 30mm

BANR004 - Panel Pins 30mm
Veneer Pins 15mm

BANR009 - Veneer Pins 15mm
BANR027 - Titehold Nails 25mm
BANR044 - Upholstery Nails Oxford Hammered
BANR045 - Uholstery Nails Honeycomb
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