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Browse our considerable range of nuts bolts and washers and find the right fixing solution for your job. Nuts bolts and washers have long been an important part of anyone's arsenal of home DIY equipment, sometimes a specific size and gauge is required, but we recommend having some stock of at least the more common sizes of nuts bolts and washers so that you're ready to tackle a home repair job without delay.

Nut and bolts are really two separate fixings, bolts come in many flavors some are steel, brass plated, solid brass, stainless steel, etc some have rounded heads, some are countersunk and so on. Nuts can also come in various forms, some are standard hex nuts, there are also wing nuts and locking nuts which incorporate a nylon insert.   

BANB0501 - nuts and bolts 3/16x1/2
BANB0502 - nuts and bolts 3/16x3/4
BANB0504 - nuts and bolts 3/16x1.1/4
BANB0505 - nuts and bolts 3/16x1.1/2
BANB0507 - nuts and Bolts 3/16x2
BANB0509 - nuts and bolts 3/16x3
BANB0511 - nuts and bolts 1/4x1
BANB0515 - nuts and bolts 1/4x3
BANB0516 - nuts and bolts M3x13mm
BANB0518 - nuts and bolts M3x40mm
BANB0520 - nuts and bolts M4x40mm
BANB0522 - nut and bolts M5x40mm
BANB0556 - nuts and bolts 2bax25mm
BANB0557 - nuts and bolts zinc 4bax25mm
BANB0559 - nuts and bolts brass 2bax25mm
wing nuts M3

BANB0606 - wing nuts M3
wing nuts m5

BANB0608 - wing nuts m5
wing nuts m6

BANB0609 - wing nuts m6
wing nuts m8

BANB0610 - wing nuts m8
wing nuts 3/16"

BANB0611 - wing nuts 3/16
m6 nuts

BANB0616 - m6 nuts
BANB0618 - metal washers flat m3
BANB0620 - metal washers flat m5
BANB0621 - metal washers flat M6
BANB0622A - metal washers flat M8
BANB0622B - metal washers flat M10
BANB0622C - metal washers flat M12
BANB0633 - penny washers 3/16x3/4"
BANB0634 - penny washers 1/4x3/4
BANB0635 - penny washers 3/16x1
BANB0636 - penny washers 1/4x1
BANB0637 - penny washers 5/16x1.1/4
BANB0638 - penny washers 3/8x1.1/2
BANB0639 - penny washers 3/8x2
BANB1161 - M5 nylon insert nuts
BANB1162 - Nylon Insert Nuts M6
BANB1163 - Nylon Insert Nuts M8
BANB1164 - M5 dome head nuts
BANB1165 - M6 dome head nuts
BANB1166 - M8 dome head nuts
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