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Screws are fixings characterized by a spiral thread running around an internal cylinder with some form of indented head. Screws come in many different sizes both gauge and length and in many different materials usually either bright Zinc plated, electro brass plated, stainless steel, chrome or black japanned. Screws also come with a variety of head types and will accept various screw drivers, pozi drive screws, Philips head screws and slotted screws being the most common but there are dozens of other more specialist heads.

Some screws are not threaded all the way to the head, these are usually wood screws, this is so that the screw cannot be over-tightened and risk cracking the wood. Self tapping screws are slightly harder than normal screws and often have a 'broken' thread near the tip which cuts room for the rest of the thread as it is screwed into place, self tapping screws are great time savers for screwing into softer materials. Coach screws are usually much larger screws with wide threads, coach screws are tightened via an external hexagonal head.

BANB0482 - self tapping screws 6x3/4
BANB0483 - self tapping screws 8x3/8
BANB0484 - self tapping screws 8x1/2
BANB0487 - Self tapping screws 8x1.1/4"
BANB0490 - Self tapping screws 10x 5/8
BANB0492 - Self tapping Screws 10x1
BANB0493 - Self tapping screws 10x1.1/2
BANB0593 - coach screws 2x1/4
BANB0594 - coach screws 3x1/4"
BANB0596 - coach screws 3x3/8"
BANB0837B - Screw eyes electro brassed 35mm
Screw eyes 45mm

BANB0838B - Screw eyes 45mm
BANB0839B - Screw eyes electro brassed 55mm
BANB0868 - Mirror Screws and washers Crome Head 25mm
BANB0870 - Mirror screws and washers crome head 38mm
BANB0878 - Screw cups electro brassed No.6
BANB0882 - Screw cups nickle No.8
BANB0884 - Screw cups and caps foldin White
BANB0885 - Screw cups and caps foldin brown
BANB0888 - Screw caps supatops white
BANB0889 - Screw caps supatops brown
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