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Garden Netting - Garden Mesh, Garden Nets


Our high-quality plastic garden netting is invaluable if you wish to protect your plants and seeds during their growth from animals and birds. With our garden netting coming in a vast array of sizes and shapes, it will be suitable for almost any sized garden allotment.

Also in our garden netting section we sell greenhouse bubble-wrap insulation and greenhouse screens to give your plants some shade to protect them from the direct rays of the Sun and also to protect them from the frosty cold during winter. Also in our garden netting range, we provide greenhouse shade, and high-quality aluminum cold frames.

4470241 - pea and bean netting 4m x 2m
4470257 - pea and bean netting 6m x 2m
4470283 - garden netting 6m x 2m
4470304 - garden netting 6m x 4m
4470702 - greenhouse bubble wrap insulation 30m x 75cm
4470744 - frost fleece 16m x 1m
4860377 - Cool Glass Greenhouse Shading
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