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Watering Can - Watering Can Rose, Watering Cans


Our high-quality metal watering cans are galvanised to ensure a long life, and the galvanised coating prevents all rust from forming on the watering can. Our plastic watering cans are made from high-quality ABS plastic, and are shock-proof and weather-proof and will last a long time without  the need for replacements.

A wide range of watering can heads allow us to cater for whatever need you may have, from a very fine dribble for seedlings and delicate plants, to a large flow of water. All our watering can heads are made from high-quality brass or heavy duty plastic meaning no rust or dis-colouring.

2610027 - handy indoor watercan 1pt
2610053 - medium round watering can rose
2610069 - fine round watering can rose
2610095 - weed fan watering can rose
2610100 - flexible oval watering can rose
2610116 - metal watering can rose
2610121 - heritage watering can 1ltr
3590075 - galvanised watering can
7751646 - indoor watering can 1ltr
7751667 - watering can 10ltr
7751672 - weed control can red 7ltr
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