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Planes Chisels and Files - Planers, Chisels, Metal File, Wood Planer, Wood File


Welcome to our handy range of planes chisels and files perfect cutting and filing tools for both metal and woodworking. Files come in a wide variety of materials, sizes, shapes, cuts, and tooth configurations far too many to list all types here and most are specialist and rarely needed for the average DIY handyman.

We stock a 2nd cut metal file which in the world of planes chisels and rasps essentially means medium, this is great for general use, we also stock a round metal file and a rasp which is basically a wood file. In this section we also have chisels which are great woodworking tools and perfect for notching out doors and door frames for installation of locks. Our chisels are made from drop-forged chrome vanadium steel which is then hardened and tempered to exacting standards.

FAIPPHSC8 - engineers file 8" hand 2nd cut
FAIPPRSC8 - engineers round file 8
woood rasp 8"

FAIPPWR8 - woood rasp 8
Chisel 1 inch

FAIWCB1 - Chisel 1 inch
Chisel 1/2 inch

FAIWCB12 - Chisel 1/2 inch
Chisel 1/4 inch

FAIWCB14 - Chisel 1/4 inch
Chisel 3/4 inch

FAIWCB34 - Chisel 3/4 inch
STA521122 - Surform Planer File
Marples Chisel Set

XMS12CHISEL6 - Marples Chisel Set
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