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Screwdrivers - Phillips Screwdriver, Flat Head Screwdriver, Screwdriver Set


Browse our range of affordable screwdrivers to find the screwdriver you need. Our range of screwdrivers feature chrome vanadium blades, chrome vanadium steel has excellent durability, strength and toughness so our screwdrivers should last longer.

We stock 3 types of screwdriver primarily – the Philips Screwdriver, the flat head screwdriver and the pozi head screwdriver. A flat head screwdriver is the oldest and simplest design and is designed for use with slotted screws and bolts. A Philips screwdriver is designed for cross head screws and bolts and pozi head screwdrivers are made for pozi-drive screws, these are probably the most commonly encountered fixings in DIY.

FAISDF100 - screwdriver flared 100mm x 5.5mm
FAISDF150 - screwdriver flared 150mm x 8mm
FAISDF200 - screwdriver flared 200mm x 10mm
FAISDFS - screwdriver flared stubby
FAISDP100 - screwdriver parallel 100mm x 4mm
FAISDP150 - screwdriver parallel 150mm x 5.5mm
FAISDP200 - screwdriver parallel 200mm x 5.5mm
FAISDPZ1 - screwdriver pozi 75mm x 1pz
FAISDPZ2 - screwdriver pozi 100mm x 2pz
FAISDPZ2S - screwdriver pozi 2pz stubby
FAISDPZ3 - screwdriver pozi 150mm x 3pz
GY900550 - 25 Piece Screwdriver Set
XMS12RATCHET - DynaGrip Ratchet Screwdriver
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