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Spanners - Combination Spanners, Spanner


Have a look through our range of spanners which come in sizes ranging from 8mm to 19mm, we do not stock imperial spanners. Our selection of spanners are open at one end and ring at the other, these type of spanners are commonly known as combination spanners.

Our combination spanners are produced by Teng Tools and are made from chrome vanadium steel making them strong and durable, this is important as it stops them from bending when used with great force. Each spanner has a satin finish and the spanner head is offset offset at 15 degrees. Our combination spanners meet the DIN3113A standard.

FAISPASETC9 - Combination Spanner Set
TEN600509 - combination spanner 9mm
TEN600510 - combination spanner 10mm
TEN600511 - combination spanner 11mm
TEN600512 - combination spanner 12mm
TEN600513 - combination spanner 13mm
TEN600514 - combination spanner 14mm
TEN600515 - combination spanner 15mm
TEN600516 - combination spanner 16mm
TEN600517 - combination spanner 17mm
TEN600518 - combination spanner 18mm
TEN600519 - combination spanner 19mm
TEN60058 - combination spanner 8mm
XMS12SPANNER - Flexi Head Spanner Set
Spanner Set

ZSAM21324 - Spanner Set
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