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Wrenches - Adjustable Wrench, Wrenches


Take a look through our different sized wrenches, otherwise known as adjustable wrenches or adjustable spanners. We also stock Stillson wrenches here.

An adjustable wrench is a great way to save money – instead of buying a set of spanners to accommodate various sizes of bolt, an adjustable wrench will fit multiple bolts both metric and imperial. Our wrenches are made from a drop forged construction with molded soft grip handles. The handle and moving jaw of each stillson is forged from high quality steel which has been heat treated to ensure maximum strength. The steel adjustment nut has been both hardened and tempered to promote longer life. The dual coil springs on Faithfull Stillsons ensure that an instant grip of the pipe and a ratcheting action is achieved.

BAH8074C - Bahco Adjustable Wrench 15inch
FAIAS150C - adjustable wrench 150mm
FAIAS200C - adjustable wrench 200mm
FAIAS250C - adjustable wrench 250mm
FAIBW1 - Basin wrench 15 X 22mm
FAISTIL10 - stillson wrench 10
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