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An electric blanket is a device that's used to heat the occupant(s) of a bed while he/she sleeps or to warm a bed prior to someone sleeping in it. There are two main types of electric blankets, there is the under blanket which is essentially a large soft pad that sits under the occupant and then there is the over heated blanket which sits above the occupant.

The first electric blanket was invented in the USA by physician Sidney I. Russell in 1912, this electric blanket was an under blanket, there is some dispute as to the inventor of the over blanket. Electric blankets make excellent gifts especially for the elderly who often get cold in bed at night. Electric blankets can come in single, double and king size to fit your bed and are usually either cotton or fleece.

4344031 - fleecy heated under blanket single
4344047 - fleecy heated under blanket double
4344052 - all night under blanket single
4344089 - luxury heated over blanket and timer double
4344293 - all night under blanker double
4344309 - fleecy heated under blanker double dual
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