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A wall clock is an instrument for keeping and indicating time that can be mounted on a wall for constant display. Clocks are one of the oldest human inventions which further cements the importance of the humble wall clock and a persons desire to known the time of day. Kitchen wall clocks are great because the kitchen is often considered the most important room of the house and a kitchen wall clock is great for planning your day or timing cooking periods for food.

The idea of a wall clock is that it is big enough to display the time clearly such that you can tell the time of day at a glance from afar. Wall clocks come in a variety of frame designs and face designs and are made from a wide choice of materials with wooden wall clocks being some of the most attractive.  

school clock pine

0020294 - school clock pine
0020630 - wycombe wall clock white
0020650 - wycombe wall clock silver
0021015 - aylesbury wall clock white
0021041 - nisser metal wall clock
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