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Wheat bags are excellent therapeutic aids when the application of heat or cold is required such as muscle pain or back pain. Wheat bags are heated in the microwave which is why they are often referred to as microwave wheat bags. Wheat bags can also be put in the freezer for when a cold bag is required, good for sports injuries or headaches.

A what bag takes about 2 minutes in the microwave to heat up, we recommend that when you first heat your microwavable what bags that you are conservative with your timings so as not to overheat the bag, this can damage the contents. Sometimes when you first heat the microwave what bag it will be a little damp, this moisture will gradually dissipate with repeated heatings as you use the bag. To clean your wheat bags we suggest wiping with a damp cloth and then putting in your washing machine on a spin cycle to remove the excess water.     

2620119 - microwave fleece bag wheat
2620124 - microwave animal wheat pillow
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