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Buckets - Metal Buckets, Plastic Buckets


One of the most useful vessels in the home, humble buckets are incredibly versatile and can be used for anything from carrying water and other liquids, storing bird foods and pet foods, used as a children's toy on the beach, moving aggregate and sand on a site, and much much more. Buckets are typically watertight, upright cylinder or truncated cone shape with an open top and usually a carrying handle. Buckets usually store around 9 to 12 litres.

We stock both metal buckets and plastic buckets, our galvanized metal bucket is very popular and offers considerable strength and durability advantages over a standard plastic bucket. They are also used quite a lot in farmers markets and other shows for displaying produce. Plastic buckets are perfect for around the home as they are lightweight but still strong, perfect for washing the car.   

1357.009 - Galvanized Bucket 14ltr
2210014 - galvanised bucket 14ltr
3590170 - galvanised mop bucket
3942626 - bucket 9ltr white
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