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Moisture Absorber - Dehumidifiers, Moisture Absorbers


A moisture absorber is a device that takes unwanted excess water vapor from the air, particularly useful were damp is a problem, were ventilation is limited or in high humidity rooms of the house. Aside from home use dehumidifiers are also incredibly useful where humidity control is essential such as in galleries, book archives and classic car storage.

There are two forms of moisture absorbers on offer here, the crystal moisture trap design is essentially a device that holds moisture absorbing crystals and a reservoir for storing the water that they catch, these require no batteries or electrical power. For more precise control or in areas of greater damp then electrical dehumidifiers are the way to go, you can set these to keep the humidity at precise levels and they have a much larger reservoir to store the water that they collect.

DEM10 Dehumidifier

1370619 - DEM10 Dehumidifier
1370886 - DES14 Delonghi Dehumidifier
RKWP44012 - Pifco Mini Dehumidifier
UNI7283 - moisture absorber

Unibond Aero 360 Pure Moisture Absorber With 2 FREE Refills
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