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Vacuum Bags and Filters - Hoover Bags, Vacuum Filters


All of our vacuum bags and filters can be ordered online and are very competitively priced. Our biggest selling hoover bags are the Miele vacuum bags and filters, these come in 3 flavors FJM, GN and U. The FJM and GN bags will fit in all Miele cylinder vacuums but the GN bags have a larger capacity and are designed for the slightly larger vacuums. The U vacuum bags are designed for the Miele upright cleaners.

We also stock Miele vacuum filters, both the standard air clean filter and the more advanced HEPA vacuum filters. HEPA is an acronym for high efficiency particulate air which basically means that  this vacuum filter can trap really small particles of dust that other vacuum filters will just recirculate back into the air. Another popular vacuum bag is for the Henry vacuum which we also stock here.

07226140 - Miele airclean filter SFAAC30
07226150 - Miele air clean filter SFAAC50
07226160 - Miele hepa filter SFAH30
07282050 - Miele vacuum bags U Hyclean
07291640 - Miele vacuum bags FJM Hyclean

MLE05996882 - Meile hepa filter SF-AH50
MLE7189520 - Miele vacuum bags GN Hyclean
NUMMCNVM1CH - Henry vacuum bags
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