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Castors - Caster Wheels, Furniture Castors


Castors are undriven wheels that are mounted on the bottom of larger objects like sofas, beds and chairs. Castors come in many forms, there are dome types, castor wheels, pads and castor cups. Castor wheels are probably the strongest and are often used on the heaviest items and where maneuverability is paramount like in office chairs.

As well as castors we also sell a variety of pads and castor cups. Castor cups product hard floor and carpet from marks and indentations caused by furniture castors, self adhesive felt pads are used to protect wooden floors from wooden furniture legs and allow them to slide easier without sticking.

6170033 - slideglide pads 1 inch
6170049 - slideglide pads 2 inch
castors 31mm

BANB0188 - castors 31mm
BANB0191 - castors shep plate 50mm
BANB0192 - castors shep peg 50mm
BANB0197 - castor cups small brown
BANB0197C - castor cups small clear
BANB0198 - castor cups large brown
BANB0198C - castor cups large clear
BANB0253 - furniture buffers 10mm
BANB0258 - felt pads white 25mm
felt pads 34mm

BANB0259 - felt pads 34mm
BANB0264 - felt pads green 20mm
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