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Cupboard knobs are small spherical fixings for the front of cupboard and cabinet doors for grasping so as to be able to comfortably open the door. Cupboard knobs are made from a variety of materials including wood, brass, stainless steel, ceramics, etc.

Cupboard door knobs can also be used as drawer knobs to open drawers and ensure a consistent look throughout a bedroom or kitchen. A whole set of cupboard knobs can be bought to upgrade the look of your cabinets or single replacements can be bought to replace damaged or missing knobs. Fixing a cupboard drawer knob is usually a simple task of threading the bolt through the hole and then tightening it with a nut the other side.

BANB1057 - Victorian hollow brass knob 30mm
BANB1059 - Victorian hollow brass knob 50mm
BANB1063 - Helsinki knob beech 25mm
BANB1064 - Helsinki knob beech 30mm
BANB1066 - Helsinki knob beech 45mm
BANB1067 - Stocklholm knob pine 30mm
BANB1068 - Stockholm knob pine 40mm
BANB1069 - Stockholm knob pine 45mm
BANB1078 - Seville knob lacquered 25mm
BANB1081 - Seville knob lacquered 45mm
BANB1083 - Georgian hollow brass knob 25mm
BANB1084 - Georgian Hollow Brass Knob 30mm
BANB1085 - Georgian Hollow Brass Knob 40mm
BANB1086 - Georgian Hollow Brass Knob 50mm
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