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Buy door bolts and catches with us online to save money. A door bolt is a simple device that consists of a barrel that slides through a bracket that can be fitted to a door this is why they are often referred to as barrel bolts, the second part of the bracket is affixed to the door frame and aligns with the barrel which can now be slid through connecting the two brackets and thus locking the door. Most door bolts and catches work on this principle, they can be used either vertically or horizontally.

In this sections as well as doors bolts we also stock door catches in various forms including case catches, we also keep door stops and door wedges here and magnetic door catches which keep cupboard and wardrobe doors closed against the frame. 

BANB0063 - door stops white small
BANB0064 - door stops black small
BANB0065 - door stops white large
BANB0066 - door stops black large
door stop spiral

BANB0069 - door stop spiral
BANB0070 - rubber door wedge
BANB0163 - side hook and eye 3/4
BANB0164 - side hook and eye 1 1/4
case clip

BANB0210 - case clip
BANB0771 - Door bolt silver 2
Bolt brass 2"

BANB0776 - Bolt brass 2
Bolt brass 3"

BANB0777 - Bolt brass 3
BANB0779A - Bolt brass 2
BANB0779B - Bolt brass 3
BANB0782 - Door bolt chrome 3
BANB0791 - Magnetic catch white small
BANB0795 - Magnetic catch white large
BANB0799 - Ball catch brass 42mm
BANB0809 - Gripper catches oxy
BANB0810 - Roller catch zinc
BANB0814N - Tubular latch nylon 2.5
BANB0815 - Showcase catch brass
KD blocks Brown

BANB0822 - KD blocks Brown
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