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Take a look through our range of draught excluders. Draught excluders will help you to save money on your heating bill by keeping cold draughts out of your home and insulating to keep the heat in. Draught excluder comes in many forms probably the easiest to use is the foam strip. Draught excluder in this form is self adhesive and comes in a variety of profiles but it all does the same job.

There are also draught excluders for letter boxes which incorporate bristles to allow letters through but not cold air and also brush strips which are essentially draft excluder for the underside of doors, it's common for a cold breeze to enter the home under doors.

1920092 - brush strip brown
e strip brown 5m

1920134 - e strip brown 5m
p strip brown 5m

1920155 - p strip brown 5m
1920197 - pile strip brown 5m
1920250 - letterplate seal no flap brown
1920270 - internal letter box with flap brown
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