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Padlocks - High Security Padlocks, Combination Padlock, Cable Lock


Take a look at our range of padlocks, we sell both keyed padlocks and combination padlock types. Most of our padlocks are manufactured by Sterling in the UK and come with a 10 year guarantee.

Padlocks have long been used as a low cost and portable solution to securing valuables and as there are so many types they are also very versatile. Our standard keyed padlocks have a solid brass body & cylinder and a hardened steel shackle which is then chrome plated. We also stock a high security padlock in the form of Squire's Stronghold Combination padlock which can withstand the toughest attacks and has a closed shackle to resist bolt cutters.

6841162 - CLB110BK Combination Locking Bolt
CB02C - Combination Cash Box
HSQSHCB65 - Stronghold Combination Padlock
KC20C - Combination Key Cabinet
PHBPL122 - brass padlock 20mm
brass padlock 50mm

PHBPL152 - brass padlock 50mm
PHBPL242 - long shackle brass padlock 40mm
PHBPL252 - Long Shackle Padlock 50mm
PHCPL120 - Combination Padlock 20mm
PHCPL130 - brass combination padlock 30mm
PHCPL140 - Brass Combination padlock 40mm
PHCPL170 - Combination Disc Padlock
PHLPL132 - laminated padlock 30mm
Disc Padlock 60mm

PHSPL080 - Disc Padlock 60mm
disc padlock 70mm

PHSPL100 - disc padlock 70mm
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