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Split rings and keyrings are one of those everyday items that we take for granted but are actually incredibly useful. A split ring is a circular wire coiled against itself once over with one end on top of the other, the two ends of the wire don't quite meet to make a complete circuit and so keys and other keyrings can be added or removed.

Split rings are also known as key ring rings because of their shape. Split rings and keyrings are available here in various sizes and types, the hipster keyring can easily be attached to a trouser belt loop so that a large bunch of keys (that would be too big for a pocket) can be worn externally and accessed easily. Split rings and keyrings can attach together a whole bunch of different things including keys, car keys, identity tags, name badges, bottle openers, pocket torches and of course other split rings.

hipster keyring

BANB0241 - hipster keyring
split rings 19mm

BANB0243C - split rings 19mm
split rings 24mm

BANB0244 - split rings 24mm
split rings 31mm

BANB0245A - split rings 31mm
split rings 50mm

BANB0245C - split rings 50mm
BANB0760 - Split Pins assorted
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