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Chopping Boards - Colour Coded Chopping Boards, Cutting Board


For protection of your kitchen work surface chopping boards are essential, not only this they are also gentle with the cutting edge on your knives, they also aid kitchen hygiene and help you to keep a tidy kitchen by easily moving prepared food from the cutting board into cooking vessels and moving waste cuttings into refuse.

Chopping boards come in a bewildering array of colours, materials and sizes. Glass and metal cutting boards are the easiest to clean but are so hard that they will tend to quickly blunt your knives. Wooden chopping boards are nice to look at and soft on blades but can stain easily and tend to be very heavy. We like to stock polyethylene chopping boards because they are gentle on knives, hygienic, lightweight, non stick, non toxic, stain proof, dishwasher safe and come in a variety of colours. Colour coded chopping boards are not only attractive but also serve a more important purpose as they allow you to keep certain food groups of particular boards to negate cross contamination.

CWBOARD350GR - anti slip cutting board green
CWBOARD350PN - anti slip cutting board pink
CWBOARD350PU - anti slip cutting board purple
CWBOARD350YE - Reversible Cutting Board Yellow
KCBOARD280 - chopping board poly 28x20cm
KCBOARD350 - chopping board poly 35x25cm
KCFLEXCUT2 - flexible colour cutting mats
KCWTSCARROTR - Glass Worktop Protector Carrot
KCWTSFLOWRD - Glass Worktop Protector Flowers
KCWTSFLOWREC - Glass Worktop Protector Flowers
KCWTSSTRAWRD - Glass Worktop Protector Strawberries
KCWTSSTRSQ - glass worktop square stripes 30x30cm
KCWTSTEAREC - Glass Worktop Protector Teatime
KCWTSUTSQ - Glass Worktop Protector Utencils
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