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A cookbook stand is essentially a prop to hold a cookbook upright so that a professional or home chef can follow a recipe without taking up lots of room on the cooking surface. A recipe book stand will also hold a cookbook in such a way as to make it available at a glance without the need to touch the cookbook with messy fingers, recipes tend to only be one page so there should be no reason to have to touch the cookbook at all during the cooking process which saves the book and saves time.

A cookery book stand can come in many different styles and materials to suit, we stock a stainless steel Kitchen Craft model which is durable, easy to clean should it get splashed and can be adjusted so that the cookbook is pitched at the optimum angle. It also folds completely flat for easy storage in a drawer. We also stock a clear acrylic model also by Kitchen Craft which has the advantage of being able to keep the cookbook behind a clear screen which further protects it from splashes while enabling you to read it.         

KCRECIPE - folding recipe book holder stainless steel
KCRECIPEACR - recipe book holder acrylic
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