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Food Packaging - Food Storage, Plastic Food Packaging


Our large range of food packaging and food storage includes the ever popular Lock & Lock range of food preserving boxes, various glass storage jars, food packaging sheets and numerous other food storage solutions and accessories.

Some of our most popular storage items are the old fashioned glass storage jars, these are used predominantly for making home made preserves which itself is now growing in popularity as food prices increase. In fact almost all of our plastic food packaging and food storage range is growing to suit the needs of people who are more and more making their own basic food products and storing them at home to save money. Food packaging is often cheaper than another food shop and most can be reused again and again.

0420019 - multigrade roll 400x330mm
0420024 - multigrade roll 1000x330mm
1190034 - Glass Hexagonal Jar 8oz
1190040 - Glass Hexagonal Jar 12oz
1760084 - kitchen foil 30cm x 33m
Bread Slicer

3532186 - Bread Slicer
Classic Egg Stand

3534382 - Classic Egg Stand
7920517 - food container with divider
7920570 - rectangular bacon container 1ltr
7921201 - rectangular food container 3.4ltr
7921217 - rectangular food container 5.8ltr
HPL710 - rectangular food container 620ml
HPL713F - rectangular food container 3.4ltr
HPL805 - rectangular food container 180ml
HPL819 - rectangular pasta container 2ltr
HPL824 - rectangular food container 1.6ltr
HPL825 - rectangular food container 2.3ltr
HPL931D - round food container 350ml
HPL932 - round food container 300ml
HPL933 - round food container 600ml
HPL933D - round food container 1.8ltr
KCBAMBOO30 - 100 bamboo skewers 12
KCCHCLOTH - regency cheese cloth
KCCLIPSMIX - bag clips 6 piece
KCFABCOV - fabric jam covers
KCGLSPEN - glass labelling pen
KCGRILLBAGS - set of 3 grill bags
Egg Wardrobe

KCHMHONPOT - Traditional Honey Pot
KCHMJAMPOT - Traditional Jam Pot
KCHMJARCHUT - Glass Chutney Jar 1lb
KCHMJARLOVE - Glass Screw Top Jar
KCHMMARMPOT - Traditional Marmalade Pot
KCHMSJARLRG - Tilt Glass Storage Jar
KCHMSJARSML - Tilt Glass Storage Jar
KCJLAB1 - jam jar labels self adhesive
KCSKEWER20 - stainless steel skewer 20cm
KCSKEWER30 - stainless steel skewers 30cm
KCSKEWERMIX - stainless steel skewers assorted
cooks string

KCSTRING - cooks string
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