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Food Processors - Food Mixers, Food Processor


Take a moment to look through our range of food processors. A food processor is an electrical kitchen appliance that prepares food by chopping, dicing or mixing. Food processors are particularly suited to doing the more repetitive cooking tasks as they can maintain a constant speed and crucially – they don't get tired.

A food processor is not to be confused with a blender, a blender has only one blade and requires at least some liquid in order to move food around the blades, a food processor doesn't require any liquid and often comes with a combination of blades and discs. Food mixers are again different, they are designed for mixing, whipping and beating mixtures as apposed to cutting, food mixers come in two forms, a hand mixer and it's larger cousin the stand mixer.      

2420377 - UM9140 Proffesional Die Cast Mixer
hand mixer 3 speed

3480924 - hand mixer 3 speed
3482015 - Kenwood Chef Classic KM336
4200W - Magimix 4200 food processor
4345240 - Morphy Richards 48822 Soup Maker
5200S - Magimix 5200 food processor
EPEHR186100 - Philips HR1861 Juicer
EPEVBL067 - Breville VBL067 Pick & Mix Cream Electric Blender
EPEVBL071 - Breville VBL071 Pick & Mix Pistachio Electric Blende
Stellar Stand Mixer

HORSEA29 - Stellar Stand Mixer
HR1615 - Philips HR1615 Viva Collection Hand Blender
HR186930 - Philips HR1869/30 Juicer

Kenwood Premier Chef KMC570 Stand Mixer
KM336 - Kenwood KM336 Chef Classic Food Mixer
MCM4100GB - Bosch Compact Food Processor
Bosch Hand Blender

MSM6300GB - Bosch Hand Blender
RKW19000 - Russell Hobbs Desire Food Processor
RKW48422 - Belling 48422 Diecast Stand Mixer
RKW48423 - Belling 48423 Diecast Stand Mixer
RKW5KFPM775P - Kitchen Aid 5KFPM775PM Food Processor
RKW5KFPM775R - Kitchen Aid 5KFPM775R Food Processor
RKWP19004 - Pifco Ice cream maker
RKWSP12020N - Swan Blender With Mill SP12020N
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