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Kettles - Electric Kettles, Stove Top Kettle, Whistling Kettle


Have a browse through our selection of kettles, we stock both electric kettles and stove top kettles. Electric kettles come in many shapes and colours but most are around the same capacity which is anywhere between 1.5 and 1.7 litres.

Kettles that have a 'hidden' element, that is a flat element on the bottom of the kettle are 3kw and are often marketed as fast boil, cheaper electric kettles have an exposed coil element which are 2.2kw and are more prone to limescale build-up. For those that prefer to use a stove top kettle we also stock a small range of these in various finishes and sizes, some are also whistling kettles that let you know when your water is boiling. Whichever you choose all of our kettles are available online with fast UK delivery.

4344471 - Morphy Richards 43772 Accents Kettle Red
5852021 - Russell Hobbs 18579 Stylis Kettle
5970681 - Essentials electric kettle
BOSCH TWK7603GB - Village kettle black

BOSCH TWK7607GB Village Collection Cream Kettle
EPEVKJ489 - Breville VKJ489 Dome Kettle
EPEWK702UK - Graef WK702 Temperature Kettle
EPEWK71UK - Graef WK71 Temperature Kettle
KCEKETCRE - stove top enamel kettle cream
KCEKETRED - stove top enamel kettle red
KCKETW2 - whistling kettle stainless steel 2ltr
RKW43776 - Morphy Richards 43772 Accents Kettle Black
TPCKETCRE - stove top kettle 2.3ltr cream
TWK3A034GB - Red Bosch Kettle 1.7l 3000w
TWK7101GB - Bosch City Collection 1.7 litre kettle
TWK7601GB - Bosch Village Collection White Kettle
TWK7901GB - Bosch City Collection Kettle
TWK8633GB - Bosck Styline Kettle
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